The White Whale

New Album!

It's finally here. God knows, I've been working on this damn thing for about 5 years now; building, breaking down, re-building, re-arranging, ad noseum. Like the mythical whale, I feel as if I've been chasing this dream for years.


These ten tracks offer a smattering of ideas and melodic lines that I felt were strong enough to put out for you good people. Take a listen and feel free to download each track individually or that album as a whole. Thank you for supporting independent artists (this independent artist in particular).


Oh, and FYI new material in the works.

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Psst.... Over here

So, yeah, you can download individual tracks or the whole album by clicking the tracks on the left, but if you are old school and want a physical CD to jam out to, I recommend grabbing one from my CDbaby site. Just click the link below!

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